All You Need to Know to Get Started With QuickBooks

If you are thinking of setting up Quickbooks, you must be eager to know its installation process and the related pros and cons. We would take you through the brief guide of installing Quickbooks software and it’s various advantages as well as disadvantages.


No technical knowledge and no complications, installing Quickbooks is an easy job. You can set up the QuickBooks software in three simple steps.

  1. Check Your Computer Compatibility:

Decide where you would like to install Quickbooks. Will it be a windows computer, A Mac or Linux machine? As the process of installation for different computers is different, this step is crucial. Once you are clear about the kind of computer you would be using to run QuickBooks software, choose the Quickbooks version.

The latest version of Quickbooks needs the permission to access the information related to computer hardware, software, antivirus or firewall and operating systems. This is the minimum requirement for 2016 version of QuickBooks. However, the individual requirement for windows, Mac and Linux would be different.

  1. Get Your Product & License Number Handy:

In case you have the downloaded product, check purchase confirmation email you might’ve received from Intuit or sign into account management site and view your software to access the product details. In case, you have purchased Quickbooks on CD< look on the scratch-off label, next to the UPC code on the original packaging. Those who are the ProAdvisors can get the software information from the ProAdviser label in the Quickbooks Online.

  1. Ready To Install:

You have two choices to install Quickbooks- Intuit; website or CD.

  • Downloading from Intuit Website
  1. – Go to Quickbooks site and reach the support section.
  2. – There you will see the option” choose a different product”. Here, select on required product.
  3. – Click download.
  4. – Depending upon your browser, you will now need to either click on the setup-Quickbooks or choose the run button to set up a file or go to your downloads folder and double click on setup-Quickbooks.
  • Downloading from CD

– Insert your Quickbooks installation CD and the installation process would automatically start. If you are having problem installing, Contact QB Customer Support Inc regarding QuickBooks backup, errors in QuickBooks, installation or update of QuickBooks, troubleshooting or fixing of QuickBooks or any other problem, talk to our experts at +1 (817) 437-9000.


Though Quickbooks is a great software for new and small businesses, it is only when your business starts growing you realize limitations it possesses. Let’s explore what are reasons for which QuickBooks is liked and problems it is disliked.

Pros Of Quickbooks

  • Convenience to Use
  • Efficiency to Meet Needs
  • Flexibility to Optimize
  • Automated Reporting
  • Time Saving
  • Interface With Apps
  • Satisfactory Support
  • Payroll Services
  • Affordable

Cons Of Quickbooks

  • Lack Business Specific Features
  • No Reports Outside Accounting
  • Software Crashes or Instability
  • No Professional Support
  • Limitations with File Size
  • Inventory Management Crisis

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